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Niemcy: migrant torturuje i oślepia swego kolegę


"Ubiegający się o azyl torturował w potworny sposób swego kolegę migranta – na koniec oślepił go. Wszystko za 50 euro długu..."


Niemcy: Ubiegający się o azyl torturował w potworny sposób swego kolegę migranta – na koniec oślepił go. Wszystko za 50 euro długu

Do zajścia doszło w październiku w mieście Schlüchtern. Wydarzenie ujawniono, ponieważ rozpoczął się proces. Kat i ofiara byli przez 2 lata przyjaciółmi.

Asylum Seeker Brutally Tortures Fellow Migrant, Gouges Eyes over 50 Euro Debt
16 maj 2017
An asylum seeker in Germany brutally tortured a fellow migrant by cutting off his eyelids and blinding him by shoving a pen into his eyes over a 50 euro debt.
The brutal attack occurred last October when 20-year-old asylum seeker Mustafa H. turned up at the apartment of  19-year-old Dawit W. in the town of Schlüchtern to collect on the debt. When the 19-year-old could not pay, Mustafa stabbed him with two knives to the neck and tortured him, German magazine Bild reports.
The torture did not end with the stabbing. Mustafa proceeded to bite off the Eritrean migrant’s ears and when he was finished he cut off his victim’s eyelids.
After this, he took a ballpoint pen and stabbed it through both of the young man’s eyes, rendering him completely blind. A doctor to described the man’s eyes as completely “tattered”.
The information has now become known as Mustafa’s trial has begun in the German city of Hanau. The victim of the crime was not present at the trial as according to the judge he was being kept away from his attacker.
Presiding Judge Susanne Wetzel called the incident “a very brutal and bizarre act”, whilst the prosecution has argued  the attack was not only torture but attempted murder.
The prosecutor said the 50 euro debt was an excuse for Mustafa to call on his victim, and the motivation was never to collect the debt, but to murder the young migrant.
The attacker and victim knew each other before the attack having met in an asylum centre in Bad Soden-Salmünster. They are said to have been friends for over two years.
So far, the accused in the case has not given testimony and has refused to detail any motivation for the attack.
Migrant on migrant violence, usually in or around asylum homes, has become an epidemic in Germany resulting in mass brawls among asylum seekers, particularly those of different nationalities.
Several murders have also taken place in asylum homes, often involving men killing or attempting to kill their wives and sometimes their own children.
In one case, a Chechen migrant threw his wife out of a window and then went outside to stab her to death. He said he killed her because he thought she had been unfaithful.
Ist ER die Folter-Bestie von Schlüchtern?